Finding leaders who can drive organizational success in major corporations and organizations is a strength and key practice area for Staffio

Our success is based on the proven skill, expertise and client service of our global partners and our best-practices approach to executive search. We deliver results through seamless inter-office relationships, worldwide market coverage, deep local business knowledge, and significant industry expertise.

As world-class companies gear themselves to meet the global challenges of the 21st century and beyond, they recognize the need to recruit progressive board members who are able to contribute to increased shareholder value and improved corporate governance while exhibiting solid expertise in functional areas such as finance, technology, acquisitions, restructuring and international marketing. In addition, board members are seeing their roles expand as they become more involved in the attraction and retention of the company's executive leadership capital.

Our approach is a holistic one that enables you to focus on your expansion plans, define new executive roles and benchmarks for success, and optimize your senior leadership architecture as you embark on the process of hiring a top candidate to fulfill your recruiting needs.

We work tirelessly to connect Awesome companies with proven executives who embody perseverance, focus, and insight — all in the service of helping you build companies with a vision.

We search for leadership talent & facilitate appointments under these streams:


Board / Governance roles including Non-Executive Directors
C-level positions
Functional Head


Board / Governance roles including Non-Executive Directors

Research on availability of NEDs
Non Executive Director appointments
Corporate Centre Advisory

Developing multi-tier governance structure
Defining responsibilities for corporate center roles (family board, independent board and professional managers)

Management Audit
Compensation Advisory for Board members

C-level positions:

Evaluation of potential internal & external candidates
Building a pipeline of candidates continuously for critical positions.
Succession planning
CEOs for handling growth

Functional Heads:

Corporate Center Directors
Managed Services functional leaders
Central functional leaders of multi-sector corporate groups such as HR, legal, CFO
Specialist hires for Group Corporate office

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