We relentlessly work for a better job search experience. Our focal wavelength lies at the heart of job search methodology. It’s confusing, cumbersome & time consuming. Job search should always be exciting, exhilarating & an enthralling experience. But it’s far some such adjectives

Candidates feel the heat. Scores of job sites, hundreds of job boards, a zillion recruitment firms & everyone in-between are in the market to help candidates find a perfect job. With tech being integrated, the process seems to be smooth & simple.

With so many tools at our disposal, connecting with hiring companies still seems to be a complicated process.  How many job boards would you visit everyday? How many job search apps would you download? How many social media tools would you use to gain attention of the hiring managers?

Practically, it just seems to be a tedious task spending hours every day applying to thousands of jobs. Worst yet, out of all the jobs that you have shown interest, how many have called you back or atleast how many of those hiring managers have contacted to update you on the progress? Think hard

You will figure out, that only a few recruiters would have replied. (If et al)

Staffio has understood the root cause & we have delved deep down to the molecular level to implement steps that will bring a seamless experience to Jobseekers. We rightly know how it feels to be on the other side of the table, because we have been there too.

None of the resume goes unnoticed. Every resume is analyzed & studied in detail by humans. No ATS, No Algorithms & No Tech involved here. We rely less on technology because we deal with humans, their dreams & aspirations. We value You & We standby You.

We not always have requirements for every vertical & every profile. But, we ensure You are in the loop. We communicate the progress frequently because we want to build a relationship with You. We work with You in every step of your professional journey. We promise You of an unmatched dedication & support

We have Meticulously designed our business model which will help freshers/students to accelerate their job search & make them industry ready through our partners who deliver stunning training programs

For every successful hire, we sponsor a student for a full fledged training catering to their domain expertise.

We donate a percent of the new hire's CTC in doing so.

For Ex: Mr A gets hired by our Client and is offered INR 15 LPA.

We would donate a percent of the offered CTC to our Training Partners who are various Social Enterprises.The Money would be from our coffers but the donor's name would be the 'New Hire'

But Why?
Because we love doing so. Because, we want to create more "A Players". Because, we want to add wings to their professional aspirations. Because, we want to help companies Onboard Talents with no hassles. Because, it's just in our DNA to "Give More". Because "ToGetherness" Matters

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